The castle

The castle I'm staying in Scotland  for the next week. It's so cool. Today we are going to the Campbell's castle to see all the abandoned sells I can’t wait! As we drive up a gravel road we come to a brick building covered in vines. When we go inside I feel as if i'm being watched. We clamber up the stairs I heard footsteps, my heart began to thud. What was that? As the door slammed I knew we had some company. Someone help me please!


The Murder
On Saturday 21st of October 2017 16 year old Teddy Wilder was found upside down in a lake. after three days of looking  parents Mike and Sarah are glad their son has be found but being told he was no longer alive was a whole other story.  As both of them are still in shock only pencil plans have been made. Police believe he was murdered from the large amount of blood in the water near his body. Fingerprints have been found and matched but police need help too find 47 year old Grant Watson.  Do not go near him as he is still dangerous.